Sea Turtles Swim Team

Sea Turtles Swim Team is open to swimmers ages 7-18 with the ability to comfortably swim front crawl (with rhythmic breathing) and back crawl one length of the pool. Coaches instruct swimmers on proper technique for the four competitive swim strokes. Team spirit and unity are developed while competing with other YMCAs in Minnesota.

YUSA Rule –Swimmer must be a YMCA member to participate on Sea Turtles.


Following state and federal guidelines, the Itasca Co. Family YMCA has developed a plan to be able to offer the 2020-2021 Sea Turtle swim team season in a safe and responsible manner.

Facility use restrictions at the Itasca Co. Family YMCA and RJEMS, along with industry best practices from USA Swimming & Diving and the CDC determined the changes instituted.

Our amazing coaching staff is excited to begin working with your children again! Please read our new Policies & Procedures carefully, as much has changed. If your decision is to take this year off, we respect and support your decision and we will welcome you back next year!


YMCA Lap Pool practices:
• Practice groupings are determined by swimmer age and experience.  The practice times reserved for the YMCA pool are as follows:
            Mondays 6:30-8:30pm
            Tuesdays 5:00-7:00pm
            Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm
            Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm
            Fridays 6:30-8:30pm
• To start the season, previous sea turtle swimmers will practice two nights per week.  New swimmers will have one practice per week. 
• 3 swimmers allowed per lane, per practice
• Any parents that wish to remain in the building after dropping off swimmer must make a reservation for facility use (eg., Wellness Center, Strength Room, track, group exercise class) through our online system - no waiting in the building until practice ends.  NO spectators on the pool deck.
• Enter the YMCA through the East Entrance.
• Drop off and pick up within 5 minutes of scheduled practice. Please be on time!
• Swimmers must wear masks everywhere in the building except while swimming.
• Staff/Coaches must wear masks everywhere in the building except while coaching in pool area or if not able to   physically distance from swimmers.
• Only the showers in the pool area will be available to rinse off.  We are encouraging swimmers to shower at home.
• Locker room use will be limited.  We are asking for swimmers to come to practice dressed in their suit ready for practice.  After practice if changing is necessary, only the Individual Locker room will be available for swimmers to change.  Families with multiple swimmers can use one locker room stall per family. To help a quick change of clothing we are asking if a parent volunteer could help monitor the process so that swimmers do not loiter or disrupt potentially other members in the Individual locker room.
• Swimmers will ENTER the Pool from the side door by Bixbys and will be screened upon entry.
         Please complete the following Self Assessment questions before you visit the YMCA:

◊ Have you been in close contact with someone under investigation for, or with a confirmed current case of coronavirus in the last week without personal protective equipment?

◊ Have you traveled outside of the continent during the last 14 days?

◊ Have you or a family member been instructed to self-quarantine in the last week?

◊ Are you currently experiencing any symptoms of illness? If yes, are any of the symptoms shortness of   breath, cough, fever, chills, sore throat, headache, loss of smell or taste?

◊ Do you have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher? A thermometer is available here if you haven’t checked your temperature at home.

• Swimmers will LEAVE the Pool through the Individual Locker room.
• Swimmers will place personal belongings in the designated spots, by the Aquatics director, in the pool area.
• Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own kickboard, pull buoy and “training” swim fins
• Any shared practice equipment will be sanitized between groups by YMCA staff/coaches
• 10-minute break between practices to allow for proper sanitization of shared equipment and to prevent group gatherings
• Swimmers will not be allowed to use the hot tub before, during or after swim practice.

RJEMS practices:
• At this time we will only be practicing at the YMCA.
• We will be continually monitoring ISD 318 and the district decision as to how school will be handled.  If the students are able to attend in-person and Covid-19 case numbers stay within the guidelines, we will explore partnership possibilities with ISD 318/RJEMS to possibly have some practices start at the MS pool. 


At this time, we anticipate that there will be no in-person swim meets for the first half of the season. We will make a decision for in-person meets for the second half season meet in December.  If feasible, and the venue is available, we may be able to hold some virtual swim meets, or inter-squad meets.  Coaches will determine if that format would be an option for our Sea Turtle Team.  If so, a modified format will follow all pool use restrictions so as not to place large crowds in the pool area at any given time. Additional information to come soon!

Y-USA Rule:  All swimmers MUST be a YMCA member to participate on the Sea Turtles team.
YOUTH (up to18 years) Sea Turtles Membership: $66 Half Season (can be spread over 3 month bank draft)
12-13 year olds have full use of Wellness Center after attending a Wellness Center Orientation



FIRST HALF SEASON SWIM FEE: (October 5th through Dec 4thSESSION IS FULL and no longer accepting registrations
1st CHILD: $112.50 or $37.50/month
2nd CHILD: $90 or $30.00/month       
3rd CHILD: $45 or $15.00/month

SECOND HALF SEASON SWIM FEE: (December 7th through February 12th)
1st CHILD: $112.50 or $37.50/month
2nd CHILD: $90 or $30.00/month       
3rd CHILD: $45 or $15.00/month

Half Season fees may be spread over a 3-month bank draft for your convenience. (New swimmers must start with first half season)

First Half Season is FULL.
Second Half Season registration will open:


In the case of a cancellation, credit vouchers may be granted.  NO REFUNDS. If circumstances dictate closing of the pool or early ending of season by the YMCA, prorated vouchers may be granted from closure time till reminder of season.

Financial assistance is available, see membership desk for information.

Questions? (P) 218-327-1161