Personal Training

Commit to Fit

Why get a FREE Commit to Fit consultation?  Commit to Fit consultations are one hour sessions designed for our new members, but this is a great opportunity for all Y members. Guidance from a personal trainer can help you reach your goals faster.

  • New members: A fantastic way for new members to get introduced to all the Y has to offer. You’ll learn the best ways to make the most of your new membership.
  • Seasoned members: A Commit to Fit consultation can help you uncover areas for improvement. It can also help get you out of a workout rut by discovering new equipment or exercises.

Contact Amber York, Healthy Living Specialist, at 327-1161 ext 232 or email Amber to schedule a session.

Attention parents of young children, we offer FREE childcare while you work out, click here for more information.

Personal Training

Our personal training staff is first rate! Our certified personal trainers will create a program for you based upon your individual fitness goals. Whether you are new to exercise, recovering from an injury, wanting to tone and firm your muscles or you are an athlete who needs to break through a plateau, a certified personal trainer can develop a safe and effective exercise routine for you.

For questions on which trainer is right for you or any other personal training questions, contact lead personal trainer, Amber, at 218-327-1161 ext. 232 or email Amber York.

Beth Joki, CPT - Beth is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Life Science and Physical Education major and a minor in coaching. She coached volleyball, basketball and track at Grand Rapids High School for 19 years. She completed her Personal Training Certification in 2000. Beth has worked at the Itasca County Family YMCA since 2000 teaching classes and working with individual clients on their personal exercise goals.Beth is available to train Monday through Friday.



Amber York, CPT and Lead Personal Trainer - Amber has her Action Personal Training Certification and is a  Certified Coach through Itasca Community College. She is also certified in HITT training and enjoys teaching group classes as well as working one on one.  She has over 10 years of  fitness and athletic experience between her own personal training and coaching others. My favorite rules to live by are the four D’s to success “Desire, Dedication,  Determi-nation and Discipline.” With all these in place nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Amber is available to train Monday through Fridays.




Meyti Rezaei, Personal Trainer - Mahdi has his personal training certification from YUSA and he also has a DNW Swedish massage certification from England. He likes to apply these techniques in his sessions to make trainees feel relaxed and recovered. He has over 10 years
experience working with other prominent coaches and training his students. He loves helping people reach thier goals. Mahdi is experienced with powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strength workouts that will make you get in shape and be stronger. 



Dylan Surface, CPT - Dylan has spent the past 7 years as a high school Physical Education Teacher, Adapted PE Teacher and Strenth & Conditioning Coach at
Moorhead and Detroit Lakes Schools. He is a Certified USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. In his free time, Dylan competes in Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting. 
Dylan specializes in athletic performance training, strength sports, fitness for individuals with special needs, and adapted sports. 




Training Options

  • Private: Working with a trainer one-on-one to reach your fitness goals.
  • Semi-Private: Two to four people with the same fitness goals will work with one trainer.
  • Team-Training: Groups of 5-15 people working with a trainer to focus on their goal/sport.  Ideal for sports teams during their off-season.
2024 Rates
 Member Rates
 Non-Member Rates
 1 Session:    $40
 1 Session:    $55
 2 Sessions:   $78
 2 Session:    $108
 3 Sessions:   $114
 3 Session:    $159
 4 Sessions:   $148
 4 Session:    $208
 5 Sessions    $180
 5 Session:    $255
 6 Sessions    $210
 6 Session:    $300
 Semi-Private Rates (2-4 people)  Private Team Training Rates (5+ people)
 6 Sessions:   $230  6 Sessions:   $430
  • All Training Sessions expire 1 year after date of purchase
  • Members may sign up for a free fitness orientation to instruct on correct use of our weight circuit and/or cardio machines
  • Semi-Private training fees apply for members/non-members
  • Sessions must be prepaid
  • Any group members not present for scheduled training will lose a session
  • Team training fees apply for members/non-members
  • Cancellation policy is a 24 hour notice must be given

What is a session like?

Each session usually lasts about an hour.
The first meeting can be devoted to assessing fitness level, body measurements, exercise and health history and goals. Be prepared to step on the scale, have your body fat tested and answer specific questions about your goals. After that, you'll spend each session doing cardio, weight training, flexibility or other activities depending on what your goals are. Your trainer will show you how to do the exercises, help you figure out how much weight to use and give you pointers for getting the most out of each exercise.